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Sm:)e is an all-girl band from Surrey - Veronica and Avery are sisters and have been singing together for as long as they can remember. They have been with Smile since 2015. Nikita has joined the band in 2018. She loves to sing and her voice blends perfectly into the other members harmonies. Her passion for music and outlook towards life makes her a great fit.

All members feel very strongly about giving back to the community and work closely throughout the year with the following charities Variety Club, Terry Fox Run and The Salvation Army. The band did a Christmas CD and all proceeds were given to the Salvation Army. The band also has 5 original songs one of which is “Red Hearts” they did for Variety. (about inclusiveness) and has this very empowering line “ Don’t focus on our differences its beautiful and what makes us who we are - We all have Red Hearts.”

They all love to sing and have been hired for workshops and full assemblies to share their message of empowerment and inclusion, by school districts all over B.C. During these engagements the girls hope to motivate other young people to believe in themselves, show everyone is important in their own way and if you stay focused and passionate, your dreams can come true.

The band is becoming very popular and you can catch them at many of the family friendly festival and events around town.


Life's filled with

Possibilities that

challenge us each day.

To take a chance.

Try something new,

see things a different


And it's not until we

try that we find out

what we can do.

So don't wait until

tomorrow to discover something new!

Greek Day on Broadway - 2019
What an exciting time we had.
The day was a bit cool and over cast but that didn't dampen our spirits.
We played 3 sets.  Everyone was singing and dancing along.
The percussion instruments we had brought along as well  were enjoyed by young and old. 

Whats in store for 2020


We are very excited to have been interviewed by Kids News and Reviews it was lots of fun
Check out the whole interview at
Music is life
And that's why Our Hearts have Beats
We would like to Thank Tyler Bryce for writing  this amazingly inspiring song -   which we have proudly  dedicated  to Variety Club 
and all of you for showing your RED HEARTS
We will be keeping busy at Grapevine Recording studio
Working on our all orginal CD
AND  our 3rd Christmas album.
Be sure to check in so you don't miss 'Smile Live' Sessions with our cover tunes.


One of our originals

© 2015 Smile