About Us

Sm:)e is an all-girl band from Surrey - Veronica and Avery are sisters and have been singing together for as long as they can remember. They have been with Smile since 2015. Nikita has joined the band recently. She loves to sing and her voice blends perfectly into the other members harmonies. Her passion for music and outlook towards life makes her a great fit.

Meet The Band

Avery - also called Av by her family and friends - is a talented singer. She is the second among the three siblings. She is the younger sister of Veronica who is also a band member of Sm:)e. Avery has won several singing competitions since she was 9 years old. She won the Most Promising Performer Award at the Youth Talent Search BC 2014, which landed her a scholarship in theatre workshop. She was also the BC Junior Talent Search 2013 second-place winner, kids division. She also won second place at Lynn Valley's Got Talent 2014 and is the Edmond's Got Talent 2013 champion. Avery with her sister Veronica are Burnaby's Got Talent 2016 Winners. She was given a chance to join the band by Terry Armitage who teaches her to play the electric guitar. She loves to sing, dance, draw, and play the guitar. She also dreams of composing her own song and releasing it with her bandmates. She dreams to be successful in the music industry together with her band Sm:)e.

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Veronica - known to her family and friends as Nica - immigrated from the Philippines in 2012. She is the eldest of three siblings who are all girls. Her musicality was dicovered by her parents when she was in her elementary grade. They have a keyboard at home that she plays without formal lessons. She uses her ear in playing the keyboard, making it more of a gift from God. When they traveled to Canada, her parents put her in a formal lesson at Bonsor Recreation Center. This lesson boost her ability in playing the keyboard. A natural talent, she was given a chance by Terry Armitage to be part of a band and share her musicality. She loves to sing, dance, draw, and play the keyboard. She dreams of releasing original songs and being successful in all her dreams. She is now a member of the Sm:)e band playing keyboard and singing together with her band mates. Veronica with her sister Avery recently got the title of Burnaby's Got Talent 2016.

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Nikita - Came to Canada  as a permanent resident.  Prior to coming to Canada  Nikita  from the age of 6 was involved with dance and choir. She holds a black belt in karate and has won many awards. However,  one of her dreams has always been to learn an instrument and pursue music. A blind gentleman at the church Nikita now attends was so impressed with her strong motivation to learn,  gifted her a bass guitar and encouraged her to pursue her dreams in  music. Nikita started lessons with Accent Guitar Studio.  it wasn't long before her  passion and dedication was paying off. 

  The cards all came together when an opening became available in the Smile band.  Nikita's positive out look on life and love of upbeat music gave her the opportunity to join the Smile band. Nikita is also learning drums. When she isn't practicing one of her instruments you will find her reading or writing stories and jamming together with her band mates.