Ahoy mateys! Strap on your boots, and sharpen your blades.

Boat for Hope   June 8th 2019

North Star and Sm:)e band will be entertaining everyone this year.




Saturday June 2nd,2018 

Victoria's Inner Harbour


    Saturday June 9th,2018  

Royal Vancouver      

Yacht  Club           

1138 Point Grey Road 


Variety Clubs

Boat for Hope

Variety Club's  Boat for Hope Day

 Ahoy mateys! Strap on your boots, and sharpen your blades. Boat for Hope returned to Vancouver June 10th.

Smile Band - 


Variety the Children’s Charity is so very lucky to have such an amazing talented young group of women come and share their music with some very special children. This 2017 Boat For Hope year was the third time you joined us, and I will tell you that each passing year, you not only have gotten so much better musically, but your ability to reach out to each special needs child watching you has been so amazing. Being a musician myself, I can tell you that when you sing for these children, you are not just playing music, but you are giving everything from your heart and it’s not only wonderful to listen to, it’s absolutely magical! This young ladies is not easy to do and I believe it is your commitment to your community that has helped you grow into understanding that giving back and sharing music allows those who hear to heal, even if its just for a moment. So thank you all for sharing your gift! 


Also, this year when you added the drum buckets to your set, you touched so many hearts with not only your creativity, but with your quest to being able to reach out to the children in a way in which they could be free. They absolutely loved playing with your band and their smiles (and yours) said it all. I truly look forward to you joining us once again next … which by the way will be our 20th event and I can’t wait to see what you’ll have in store for us then! 

Kelly Styart

Boat For Hope

Land Event Coordinator

Boat for Hope 2016

Variety Club BOAT FOR HOPE
Kelly Stuart
"Thank you so much for bringing down the Smile Band. They were adorable and of course sounded great! I had so many great compliments for everyone I spoke to, that this years entertainment was perfect!! Thank you for organizing this, I really do hope you perform for us again."

Boat for Hope 2015

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