Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know we were so beyond impressed with the Sm:)e Band. They were excellent and the crowd loved them! They really added a special touch to this year’s festival. Thank you for helping facilitate this. We’d love to work with them again in the future.


Nikki Lajeunesse l Recreation Programmer
Queensborough Community Centre

Smile Band - 


Variety the Children’s Charity is so very lucky to have such an amazing talented young group of women come and share their music with some very special children. This 2017 Boat For Hope year was the third time you joined us, and I will tell you that each passing year, you not only have gotten so much better musically, but your ability to reach out to each special needs child watching you has been so amazing. Being a musician myself, I can tell you that when you sing for these children, you are not just playing music, but you are giving everything from your heart and it’s not only wonderful to listen to, it’s absolutely magical! This young ladies is not easy to do and I believe it is your commitment to your community that has helped you grow into understanding that giving back and sharing music allows those who hear to heal, even if its just for a moment. So thank you all for sharing your gift! 


Also, this year when you added the drum buckets to your set, you touched so many hearts with not only your creativity, but with your quest to being able to reach out to the children in a way in which they could be free. They absolutely loved playing with your band and their smiles (and yours) said it all. I truly look forward to you joining us once again next … which by the way will be our 20th event and I can’t wait to see what you’ll have in store for us then! 

Kelly Stuart

Boat For Hope

Land Event Coordinator

Thank You , Thank you -

Variety Chrismas party Entertainers

And "The Smile Band", wow, what can we say but you are just great. Your are talented, great musicians and entertainers and real pro's We are so proud of you. Thank you for being part of our Variety Christmas for the kids. Your enjoyment of entertaining our special kids shows on your faces, in your music and the way you like to interact with the audience.

PS. please pencil in the first Sunday in December

(That's Dec. 3,2017) for next year's kids Christmas parties

Peter Chipman

Terry Fox Run 2016-New Westminster

New West Quay

Wasn't that fun?!! Such a grand day for the event and having the girls pumping out the tunes just took it to a new level.


We raised $11,005.25 - about $3500 more than ever raised in the 8 years I have been organizing. Yay for the good guys!!


I am so appreciative of the efforts that you and the other parents and the girls make to help my event be the success that it was. Thank you thank you thank you.


I wish the band a great year and so look forward to hearing their voices next year.


Terry Fox Walk 2016
Southlands Country Fair
Co-ordinator - Tasha Maynard
"Smile performed at the Southlands Country Fair and they were an absolute HIT! The girls were friendly and professional and such great singers. They added a wonderful ambiance to the fair. Smile has  a great line up of cover songs that young and old alike can enjoy. We look forward to having Smile back to the fair in 2016."