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ArtStarts is a society that creates Relationships between Artists and Educational Institutions by bringing them together in the form of workshops, exhibitions and performances.  ArtStarts has been enriching lives for 20 years. And would like to for the next 20 years. Sm:)e is Proud to be a part of this society.

School Performances

• Hammond Elementary School
  • Kwantlen Park Secondary School
Imagination Destination Provincial Championships
• Neverland Children's Centre Delta
• Parkside  Elementary School
• T.E. Scott Elementary
• Websters Corners  Elementary School


Workshops Done in the Following Schools:
  • Lena Shaw Elementary School
  • Georges Vanier Elementary School
  • Bear Creek Elementary School
  • MB Sandford Elementary School
  • Holly Park Elementary School

 Sm:)e Band  Spring and Summer Workshops 2016


Smile band worked in conjunction with the Surrey School District, Club House 36 and the YMCA

 The  band did a total of 15 days during the spring and summer of 2016.  Each day consisted of a 25 minute musical performance then continued with a workshop where the students were put into small groups for a round robin where they learned all about the following instruments- keyboard, drums, guitar and vocals.  During their time in each group they were given handouts to write on and colour. Each student was provided an opportunity to try out the instruments.

On the last day all the participants received a certificate.