Terry Fox Run
September 16
Join the Sm:)e Band.
Help raise funds for
Cancer Research
Location: New Westminster Quay/Park
Close to the New Westminster Skytrain Station
Boy was I glad to see your smiling faces Sunday morning as that was one wet Terry Fox Run this year in New Westminster! The joy and enthusiasm you brought to the crowd was more welcome than ever. It is a huge pleasure for me to have you volunteer for the Run and
even  a bigger pleasure to watch you grow stronger every year as a band and as individuals.
Thank you for 4 years of help.
Dr. Kathy Jones

Terry Fox Run 2018

Terry Fox Run 2017

"That was another fun event yesterday, made so much richer by your enthusiastic presence."   - Kathy

Terry Fox Run 2016

Terry Fox Run 2016-New Westminster

New West Quay

Wasn't that fun?!! Such a grand day for the event and having the girls pumping out the tunes just took it to a new level.


We raised $11,005.25 - about $3500 more than ever raised in the 8 years I have been organizing. Yay for the good guys!!


I am so appreciative of the efforts that you and the other parents and the girls make to help my event be the success that it was. Thank you thank you thank you.


I wish the band a great year and so look forward to hearing their voices next year.


Terry Fox Run 2015

Terry Fox Run -New Westminster
Dr. Kathy Jones
"THANK YOU GIRLS! I loved having you play at our run this year. The music was upbeat, the performances were top drawer and your enthusiasm shone through the lashing rain! Those were difficult conditions you contended with on Sunday. Thank you for showing up on time, thank you for performing in spite of the weather and thank you for offering to play again at next years run."


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