Demo Reel


Sm:)e Band has the permission to use this video on their website.

Websters Corners Elementary
Ms. Bernice Goodwin
"The girls were positive, they were fun, they were great with the crowd. I loved them very much. I liked how they explained each instrument and they talked about the scales and the chords. It was good because that is what we are learning about in music class right now.I would absolutely recommend Smile Band to other schools. They won over our oldest most cynnical students. They were wonderful!"

Bothwell Elementary

Principal- Mrs.Tess Souder


"The Sm:)e performers were so fabulous,they were really engaging,they brought the kids in what they are doing.they talked about the instruments. I would recommend them to all other school"

Windsor Elementary School
Principal- Ms Kinder Jones
" Our students were engaged in the performance. They sang along to the current songs and loved the name that tune game. Thank you for a memorable afternoon!"
Kirkbride Elementary School
Joe Frank, Principal/Kim Hayhurst School Counsellor
The Smile Band did a fun and engaging school wide presentation. The performance was very educational and extremely entertaining.  The performers are skilled instrumentalists as well as accomplished vocalists. Their music has an appeal for all ages,  and touches upon topics such as self-esteem, friendship and positive thinking.  Smile Band illustrates what can be accomplished through kindness, collaboration and effort.    ...
T.E. Scott Elementary
Principal- Susan McCuaig
" We were thrilled today to have the Smile Band play. They were outstanding and have such a passion for what they do. I know our 510 student body loved it. I hope to have them back!"
Maple Ridge Elementary
Principal- Mr. Stuart Richardson
"I thought they were energetic, exciting and awesome. Also, that they were so young and capable on their instruments. They were good role models for our students- YES, we would have them back !"